Interview: Hannes Legrand

Hannes Legrand

Internship @ Chez William

°1993 Oostende, Belgium
Currently I’m a graphic design student, living in Ghent.

Where do you get your inspiration from.
The inspiration for my work is the never ending urge i have in understanding the world in its entirety. The work I make relates to this urge because it’s focused on symbols, stereotypes, archetypes, signs… which are brought to me by my everyday life. I try to keep my eyes open, finding symbolic meaning in familiar-looking objects and mixing them into my own world where these images get new meanings just by comparing or combining them.

Tell us more about your artwork.
The images go through a proces of redrawing, digitalizing and connecting them to each other, seeking extremes, contradictions, cultural references or just interesting combinations. I try to simplify and combine certain everyday-life images to discard them from a specific way of seeing them. I let the viewer decide which meaning he or she gives to the symbols or images I present them.

Why choose screen printing?
Screen printing becomes a logical step in the proces of producing graphic artworks, because it allows to bring experimenting into the reproducing proces of the image, as wel as the possibility to reproduce my images on to different materials like cardboard, textiles, vinyl.. which are normally not that easy to print on.

What do you hope getting out of this internship, and where do you see yourself after finishing school?
I’m expecting a lot of technical info about the proces in general so I could use enhance my capabilities. This knowledge gives me more opportunities towards the future in terms of publishing my work, reproducing it, networking and spreading the images that I make. But first when I get of school, I want to explore more techniques, places, meeting people… hoping to redeem my urge in understanding this complex world we live in.

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