At Chez William we love to work closely with other artists, that’s why we’ve started a new project called artists chez william.

We’ll be inviting other artists and work with them. Bold ideas, outrageous suggestions and extraordinary teamspirit will be flowing freely to design an exclusive print. That piece of art will be printed on a t-shirt (or other fabric).
The artwork will be available through our brand new webshop in order to give you a chance at a very exclusive, hand-printed t-shirt/print.
In the following weeks, you’ll be presented with our first collaboration. Once the details are final, you’ll be hearing from us and be able to pre-order your hand-printed piece of work.
Putting the goods up for pre-ordering allows you to help the artists design and produce a hand-printed piece of art for you to wear without having to cut back on the quality of the used materials.

Stay tuned through social media or by leaving your e-mail address here:artists-chez-william-logo

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